Monday, November 4, 2013


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Readers- On Saturday, we lost our beloved dog Maggie to heart disease. She was a stray who adopted us, gave us 10 puppies only days later (all of whom were adopted into good homes), and who gave us many years of love and happiness. She is missed tremendously...and if she is in Heaven, things have just gotten a lot noisier for any angels who arrived in the Hereafter still wearing their Earthly UPS uniforms. -Stilton

johnnyoptimism, johnny optimism, evangelist, heaven, dogs, maggie, stilton jarlsberg, st. peter's gate
EXCLUSIVE: Actual picture of Maggie guarding the Pearly Gates


John Robert Mallernee said...

Please accept my profoundly sincere sympathy and condolences for your loss and for your grief.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, I feel your pain my friend. The loss of a family pet is just as profound as the loss of a human family member. When we lost our sweet 13 year old Lab Sophie a year ago this weekend, my 86 year old Mom started crying about the two German Shepherds they had when I was born, and I am pushing 60. We never forget them and the unconditional love that they give us every day. Our sincere condolences....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John Robert Mallernee- Thank you.

@TrickyRicky- It's a big loss, and a pain that only certain people understand. Fortunately, Maggie provided us with a lot of good memories, which I look forward to enjoying when the pain recedes. And please know you have my condolences for Sophie.

Chuck said...

Yes, the warmth I feel in my heart as I remember the loving times we've had together tempers the pain of the loss ... over time. I still hurt for every lost companion, but it is a different kind of hurt than any normal hurt ... difficult to describe.

Sorry for your loss and I'm sure Maggie is helping St. Peter guard the gates!

Japheaux said...

Stilts...there is something special about why and when the Good Lord puts dogs in our lives. No one can explain it, but they are there for a purpose and the are indeed a blessing.

Your sorrow is a direct measurement of the love you showed. I am sure it was reciprocal.

If you never have read the Rainbow Bridge, now is the time:

My condolences.


Bobo said...

Stilton, I cannot say anything more or better than what your friends and other readers have written here. Your family has my sympathies.