Friday, September 19, 2014


johnny optimism, medical, humor, sick, jokes, stilton jarlsberg, cartoon, pathological, liar


Gladorn said...

She is lying about the flood... But she is also lying about running for your life. She's just trying to get Johnny to take that wheelchair through the fire exit and down the stairs.

She's gonna' video the results and post them on YouTube.

TrickyRicky said...

I bet she yells "flood" in a crowded theater.

Wahoo said...

I bet she'll be on Maury claiming Johnny's her baby daddy.

Wahoo said...

[Drum roll while Maury opens envelope]

Maury: Johnny, [pause for dramatic effect] are NOT the father!

[Pathological Liar girl flees from stage, crying hysterically...]

Gladorn said...

Wahoo: With all of the medical problems that Johnny has, it's safe to say that the above is probably one of them.