Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do This

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Sergio said...

Don't take his wisdom teeth!!

TrickyRicky said...

Is it safe?

great Unknown said...

A kid that age wouldn't have more than 28 teeth - at most.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sergio- It's always seemed to me that dentists should pull the stupid teeth.

@TrickyRicky- Ever since seeing Marathon Man, I've kept a bottle of clove oil in my pocket at all times.

@great Unknown- I actually thought of that, but somehow the joke didn't work as well with "27 to go" so I fudged it. Good catch!

great Unknown said...

Practiced dentistry for a decade before jumping to other professions. Or is that, extracting myself?

And Marathon Man is stupid about the dentistry. No need to use a power drill, when you can use an electric pulp tester. Battery powered, not much larger than a fountain pen, and applies from 0 to about 500 volts to the tooth. Think of it as an oral tazer.

The one I used to use could inflict tortuous pain at a setting of 6. Out of 10. Logarithmic scale. The clove oil is useless, because the tooth remains intact.

And it can be used over and over before eventually frying the pulp [the "nerve" in the tooth for the ignorant]. Always remember, DDS stands for "Dey Die Screaming."

Amazingly, there are some available on e-bay, although I've never tried this model, so I can't evaluate how evil it is.

great Unknown said...

And thank you hugely for Ms B Ross in your companion work of art. But I haven't seen her in over two weeks. Maybe I will get that pulp tester on e-bay and have little conversation with you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@great Unknown- No wonder you know the number of teeth to expect! (Makes me think of an episode of the original Bob Newhart show in which his friend, Jerry the dentist, didn't believe it when everyone else said adults have 32 teeth. "Nah," he scoffed. "There's WAY more than that."

Interesting to learn of the electric pulp tester. I don't think I need one, but if the price is right...

And I think that Marathon Man made the right cinematic choice, because just the sound of that freaking drill put everyone in the audience right there in the chair. Gulp.

Glad you enjoy Ms. Ross, and I assure you she'll be back. It's always a matter of matching the spokesperson to the subject du jour (and never worrying "is it safe?")