Friday, October 18, 2013


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TrickyRicky said...

I know that you are an MD Stilton, but truly, in many cases that stands for Mega Dickhead. Like the ortho surgeon that performed a medial sesamoidecotmy on my foot in July, which resulted in a big, nasty bunion which was not there before. When I asked him how the hell I was going to get my newly deformed foot into a ski boot, he replied "I guess you'll have to buy a wider ski boot". Bastard has the bedside manner of Josef Mengele.

Anonymous said...

Doctors? That was written about government employees, and is still valid today....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I take no offense regarding your definition of MD because, in my case, it is purely an honorific title. When there is a rubber glove in an examining room, I will sadly be on the receiving end. So to speak.

But there are plenty of doctors with the bedside manner you describe. When my daughter was very young, she needed some minor surgery which would require general anesthesia. I asked the doctor about the possible danger in case my daughter turned out to be among those who have bad reactions to anesthesia. Annoyed at me for even asking, he said "we lose some on the table."

He was not the surgeon we eventually used.

@Anonymous- Great truths are never outdated.

DougM said...

I was gonna steal this (still might) and replace the last panel with a non-medical,
"Crap! That should read 'Fire Them.'"

Bobo said...

I always ask people who comment on doctors "What do you call the person who graduates last in his/her medical school class?


Good News: I have had the good fortune to have a very competant and capable family physician for the past 30 + years.

Bad News: He may retire due to Obamacare.

Bobo said...

Oops, sorry Stilton, I violated the no political commentary. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@DougM- Steal away, my friend!

@Bobo- I'm in your same good news/bad news boat. And don't worry about the "mea culpa" for this inadvertent overlap into the world of politics. Sometimes it's hard not to go there.