Friday, April 8, 2011

Comments Are Back!

By popular request, readers can again post comments here at "Johnny Optimism" (look for the little "comments" hypertext under the cartoon, and click to either read comments or leave your own).

Readers are encouraged to leave their opinion of the cartoon, cartooning in general, the events in Johnny's ever-dwindling life, the frustrations of your own ever-dwindling life, or pretty much anything else...except politics.

Over at Hope n' Change Cartoons, it's "all politics, all the time" and readers are encouraged to go there and vent. But that world isn't Johnny's world. Johnny's world is a place filled with strange, damaged, and flat-out sinister individuals...and yet also a world of inexplicable yet inspiring optimism.

Hopeless and pointless optimism, granted...but still, optimism.

Your thoughts?