Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018


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We don't normally break into Johnny's world to complain about anything in the outside world, but we got honked off this weekend and just need to vent.

Several weeks ago, we introduced the one-and-only Johnny Optimism t-shirt on Amazon (which you can see in all it's glory right here).

So imagine our shock when, while doing a little self-Googling (despite Mom's warning that we'd go blind) we discovered a complete buttload of shirts and hoodies being offered by other vendors who'd flat out stolen our design from Amazon's product page! (Note: the shirts are NOT being sold on Amazon - rather, they're being sold on crappy knock-off sites which are powered by the print on demand service)

Oh, it's not like any of these filthy thieving weasels is going to get rich selling these shirts. I think we've made about $5 in total royalties, and everyone who's even heard of Johnny is already here!

Still, there's a principle involved. We've filed the proper paperwork to get these bloodsucking leeches to cease and desist, and claims they're going to take action.

Which is a damn good idea if they don't want to hear little wooden webbed feet tap-tap-tapping their way some dark night.