Monday, May 16, 2016


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TrickyRicky said...

Huh? I always thought it was "Gladly the crotch I'd Nair".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I've got to admit that as depilatories go, Nair is amazing grease.

Sergio said...

How did we get to bushwhacking from church, with nary a pause between?

Rod said...

Did this hymn ever get beyond the old joke? I went looking for actual lyrics with no success; versa the Ursa joke is everywhere.

JoAnn in VA said...

This may or may not be it (although it's almost certainly the inspiration for "Gladly, The Cross Eyed Bear" )

It's a hymn called "Keep Thou My Way", words by Fanny Crosby, music by Theodore E. Perkins:

Keep Thou my way, O Lord, Be Thou ever nigh;
Strong is Thy mighty arm, Weak and frail am I;
Thou, my unchanging Friend, on Thee my hopes depend;
Till life's brief day shall end, Be Thou ever nigh.

Keep Thou my heart, O Lord, Ever close to Thee;
Safe in Thine arms of love, Shall my refuge be;
Then, o'er a tranquil tide, My bark shall safely glide;
I shall be satisfied, Ever close to Thee.

Keep Thou my all, O Lord, Hide my life in Thine;
O let Thy sacred light O'er my pathway shine;
Kept by Thy tender care, Gladly the cross I'll bear
Hear Thou and grant my pray'r, Hide my life in Thine.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod- I think JoAnn has it...

@JoAnn in VA- Thanks for the fact-finding! By the way, my mother's name was Johanne, and she once told me that, when young, she and her cousin used to break into giggles in church by adding the phrase "under the sheets" to the names of the various hymns. Scandalous!