Monday, July 18, 2016


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DougM said...

Okay, now that there's funny (as are all of Johnny's adventures; but, in particular, I've had experiences with electric fences).

Stilt, I gotta say at least once, in snickering at your stuff over the years here, that I truly appreciate the courage you've shown in doin' unapologetic gallows humor in the face of *tch*tch*ing and pearl-clutching by the virtue signalers that infest our world. Funny is funny, of course; but it also helps me to recognize the burden of those more afflicted than me once in a while.
Thanks for both.

ringgo1 said...


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@DougM- Glad you enjoy Johnny's misadventures and thanks for the very kind words.

And yes, "unapologetic" is a good description of my attitude about this strip because I know what's in my heart: I'm not making fun of the people in Johnny's world because we all live in Johnny's world. We all have times in our lives when we get kicked hard, and kicked again while we're down. And laughter of any kind is an attempt to fight back, hang on, and simply survive.

I'm sure there are folks out there who would take great offense (not to be confused with an electric offense) about my making an epilepsy joke. Well, my wife and daughter both have epilepsy. No, it's not a funny condition. Yes, you'd better have a sense of humor about it if you're going to cope.

In this life, we can laugh till we hurt...and we can also hurt till we laugh. And despite all the ridiculously hard knocks everyone takes in this strip, they manage to keep going - and somehow Johnny's optimism remains intact. It's sometimes difficult for me to share that optimism, but somehow spending time with Johnny and his friends always helps my attitude.

@ringgo1- And if they'd replaced the fuse to the fence, it would have been revolting!

Stan da Man said...

Oh, man, that hurts.
Dad tells a story about hanging out w/ some buddies on the farm, and one goes to pee on a fence post.
Didn't notice the fence was hot..

Apparently, the yowling was heard a 1/2 mile away...

David in SoCal said...

Stan: I was a city-slicker kid of 6 when we went to visit my Uncles/Cousins on the Farms in Carroll IA. Cousin Wayne was showin us 'round the farm when I hadta pee. Wayne said "Betchya can't hit that little wire!". I proved him wrong, and I was never right afterwards! Mrs. Socal still gets a 'charge' outta me every now and then.