Friday, October 28, 2011



John Robert Mallernee said...


I needed that!

I posted it on my own web site, giving you full credit (or blame?).

Mondo said...


If you send me ( your email address, I have something for you that's completely FREE!

...and who can resist that?

And no, it's not a new wheelchair for Johnny.


Mondo Frazier

Elise said...

I almost spit out my morning tea in laughter....and that's a good thing....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John Robert Mallernee- Even I enjoy the punchlines that really come out of left field. I'm frequently surprised by what happens in Johnny's world.

@Mondo- My email address is on the right side of the page under "Contact Info." You can write to me at Stilton(at) (substituting "@" for "at").

@Elise- Almost spit? I must be losing my touch. (grin)

Dan Mathewson said...

whoops, whoooaaahhh!!!! CRASH!!!!!