Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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Gladorn said...

Can't watch a show without a snack, can we?

John Robert Mallernee said...

Dr. Jarlsberg and GLADORN:

Oh, what remarkable zingers!

Now, THAT is the reason why, when I copy and post "JOHNNY OPTIMISM" comic strips on my own personal web site, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", I always urge readers to visit the "JOHNNY OPTIMISM" web site, so they can read the amusing and/or disparaging comments!

Please, keep them coming.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gladorn- Really, it's all about multi-tasking.

@John Robert Mallernee- You, sir, make me happy. And I'm glad to report that Johnny Optimism cartoons will keep coming (I'm doing a batch today, in fact). Next month will mark Johnny's 500th cartoon, and I still enjoy creating them as much as when they were brand new.

Stan da Man said...

Think of it as a self inflating heat pad...