Monday, November 18, 2013


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TrickyRicky said...

Saw that one coming a mile away. Although I think that the old tush temp was a major deterrent to malingering in my early years.

Bruce Bleu said...

RECTUM... it damn-near KILLED him!

(Straight to you from our treasure-trove of moldy golden-oldies)

It's No Gouda said...

Reminds me of a youthful peccadillo that at the time earned me a slap in the face but would now get me tossed out of college on my ear.
I came into the Chem lab a little late and found my lab partner, a young lady with a rather "pert" derriere bending over our lab table.
I just HAD to give her a little slap. Before I could move out range she delivered a pretty good right hand. As I backed off I reminded her she was supposed to "turn the other cheek". That ensuing right missed.
I has the last laugh though; for the rest of the year I called her"Cheeko" to the mystification of everyone else.