Friday, January 2, 2015


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Happy New Year from Johnny, Lance & Stilton!


TrickyRicky said...

I always wondered what that song was about.

Happy New Year!!!

Gladorn said...


On an aside, Happy New Years to you and yours!

(Ha ha! The captcha text for me was "Happy Holidays.")

Chris said...

Friends and I in college (many decades ago) wrote satire - Ghoul Days

Ghoul days, ghoul days
Good old mean and cruel days

Beating and haunting and scaring them sick
All to the took of a late, late flick

You were the vamp that caught my ire
You're an old flame from a funeral pyre

When you wrote on my slab
"Shall we conspire?"

When we lost control of our ids

(thank you, thank, you, be sure to tip your waiter...and then put him back on his feet again!)

Chris said...

"All to the took" = "All to the tune"