Monday, October 17, 2016


It's time to kick off our annual two-week salute to Halloween!

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Stan da Man said...

Morning OJ must surely sting a bit!
But I hear that is THE way to consume coffee for maximum 'buzz'
and yeah, prolly "coffee" too...

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, with a set-up like THIS you make it EXCRUCIATINGLY hard to remain non-political. Just sayin'. All that aside, you are FUNNY, with a capital "Q".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stan da Man- There's an old joke about a British maid who is given the job of bringing tea to the aged Queen Mother...and administering it via enema, as the old girl can no longer take sustenance any other way. On her first try, the maid rolls in the silver tea cart, takes a long rubber tube and sticks it where it needs to go, then - oh, so carefully - begins to pour the tea. Almost immediately, the Queen Mother SHRIEKS!

"Oh dear, Mum!" stammers the maid. "Too hot?"
"Too sweet," replies the Queen Mother.

@Bruce Bleu- I know it's hard to resist going political, but isn't it refreshing for this webcomic to have that "hospital smell" instead of the stench of politics?

Bruce Bleu said...

Yes, you're right, as always... but you, and I, and a small host of others have a difficult time not making some kind of "cheesy" comments. (See what I did there? Well, of COURSE you did... you're a genius, with a capital "J".)