Friday, October 5, 2018


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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"Eye drops." "What happens after a leper sneezes HARD."

(Thanks for a much needed laugh this morning.)

Kent Whitehead said...

"The ball drops" when a leper sneezes on New Year's Eve.

Bruce Bleu said...

I thought is was called "Dropsy".

TrickyRicky said...

I was going to go through all the old leprosy jokes...but why bother. I think I'll just go out to the hot tub and heat up the soup.

John Robert Mallernee said...

One of the saddest things I've ever seen was in 1969, as a group of lepers surrounded me, piteously begging, as I was entering a Buddhist temple in Cholon, the Chinese section of Saigon, in the old Republic of Viet Nam.

(During my entire two years in Viet Nam, the ONLY kitten I ever saw, was inside that Buddhist temple!)

These lepers did indeed have gaping, infected wounds on their faces where noses, mouths, and eye sockets used to be, and/or hands with missing digits, and/or even missing limbs, all bloody, and all in filthy rags.

The mere sight of such wounds would turn a man's stomach.

And with so many desperately needy lepers, how could I choose who I would give my few piasters to, and who I would ignore, for as a low ranking enlisted soldier in the United States Army, I had little that I could give them?

Each day, in our mess hall, we were given two little white tablets, allegedly to prevent leprosy.

Each Monday morning, we were given a large, pink tablet to prevent malaria.

A few months later, we were no longer issued the little white tablets, as they caused cancer (or so I was told).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel - Hey, your punchline works as well as mine!

@Kent Whitehead- You've just raised the bar. Excellent!

@Bruce Bleu- I need to start stealing these punchlines.

@TrickyRicky- Don't forget the noodles!

@John Robert Mallernee- Yikes, that's a very sobering story. Leprosy is a nightmarish disease, albeit one that is now treatable in most parts of the world. I can't imagine what was in those two white tablets they had you taking...or how you felt when you found out why they were being discontinued!