Wednesday, October 9, 2019


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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Bugs Bunny : Listen, Dracula... Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? Like the eyes of strange things are upon you? Look, out there in the audience.

Bugs Bunny : [Bugs then starts speaking, extra slowly and almost whispers] Look, out there, in the audience.

Gossamer : PEEEE-PLE! Aieeeeeeee!

[Gossamer then runs away through the laboratory walls screaming]

TrickyRicky said...

She'd best get used to that feeling for the next 18, or more likely these days, about 25 years.

Stan da Man said...

My question is, why is the kid in a pic-a-nic basket?

Valvenator said...

Picnic Basket eh?
Is that the Baby eating Russia bombing lady from OAC's town hall meeting getting a head start on things? Nothing like leading by example.
Gives new meaning to family dinner!